Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Say cheese! [actually, say cakes!]

When a friend asked me to take some pictures for her new cake business I didn't hesistate to say yes, but then the fear set in. What if they end up looking like diy snaps, what if I get the style wrong, what if I set the camera wrong and waste the whole day with blurred shots etc!

Anyway, a couple of weeks of worry later it is all done and thankfully I pulled it off. The 'client' was very happy and I actually quite enjoyed the process :)

It was my first real attempt at doing reportage when the last cake was being decorated and trying to set each cake differently certainly stretched my imagination but anyway the proof of the pudding is in the eating [sorry], so here are a couple of pictured from the day

P.S. The payment method of cupcakes [the ones in the pictures] was gratefully received by all of us four, even if A could only look at them!



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