Saturday, 22 September 2012


Last night I watched a brilliant documentary with David Hockney called "Hockney on photography and other things", during which Hockney spoke about his photography techniques, tips and stories behind his images.

I have always liked his cubist inspired photographic collages which really explore perspective in photography more for what they are trying to achieve than how they actually look. For me they look a bit scruffy and need a nice tight crop on them to make the look finished.

What I hadn't seen before was his polaroid composite pieces where a larger image is made up up lots of closely shot and tighly cropped polaroid images and I think they are absolutely breathtaking.

These two are, in my opinion, his strongest pieces and what i think is some brilliant about them is when you take the time explore each picture they each have their own compostion, perspective and story. Yet they have been taken with an overall composition and story in mind and our brains have to compensate for the perspective changes.

David Hockney, Sun on the Pool, 1982

David Hockney, Mother, Bradford Yorkshire, 1982

Time to get myself a polaroid camera and try to get close to recreating something as special as these I think!


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